Haight Elementary School in Alameda, California is named after a racist and xenophobe: Henry Huntley Haight. We believe we must Rename Haight.

This website shares information explaining why and documenting the effort to remove monuments of white supremacy from our public schools.

Haight School History

The original Haight School was built in 1875, named after former California Governor and Alameda resident Henry H. Haight. The school was first replaced in 1911 and later rebuilt in 1976.

Henry H. Haight Biography

Read more about the life of Henry Huntley Haight, or review our syllabus for a more in-depth look at Haight’s life and speeches.

Rename Haight Campaign

In December 2017, 150 years after Haight’s racist inauguration speech, Alamedans launched the Rename Haight Campaign.

Communities across this country have come together over the past years to rename monuments named after white supremacists:  from monuments to the Confederacy and white supremacists throughout the south, to halls and buildings named after slaveholders on college and universities in the north. Two years ago, California’s Legislature voted to rename buildings named facilities associated with the confederacy. Berkeley schools recently announced plans to rename LeConte Elementary.

The first goal was to gather signatures to petition the school’s Principal to form a School Renaming Committee, this was completed in January 2018. The committee began meeting in April 2018.

This committee will identify names for a new school. After the school’s community identifies and votes on a new name, the selection will be forwarded to the Superintendent and Board of Education.

Get Involved

How can you get involved? You can attend the upcoming School Renaming Committee. You can also contact us to attend an upcoming Rename Haight Coalition meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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